The ThemeRoller

Is a little neat tool that lets you easily find the perfect colors for your menus with real time preview. Activate it by using query param in the url ?features=themeRoller-standard. E.g. If the current page address is then it changes to

Once the page reloads, you should see this on the right hand side bottom corner. Click to expand the tool.

The changes you will be doing here are NOT persistent. So if you refresh the page they will be gone. What this tool does is to let you preview colors and fonts changes in real time and most important to generate a new integration code based on these changes.

Making changes

Modify colors and fonts. Once you're happy with the result, click on "SHOW CODE" and copy the result to clipboard. Paste it to replace the previous integration code on your page. See Integration Instructions for more information about this code.

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